Sunday, January 30, 2022

20 Years of Solitude (fundraiser for Burma)

Book SynopsisWhen she was 23 years old, Ellen McCarty decided to face her fear of being alone and signed up for Buddhist warrior training in Southeast Asia (Burma). This story captures the myriad challenges she faced as she progressed from beginning to advanced mindfulness meditation practice at silent retreats in remote forest monasteries. This story is also about democracy and the beacon that America represents to millions of people around the world living under dictatorship. In Burma-Myanmar, decades of military dictatorship were overcome in 2007 by a non-violent protest movement led by Buddhist monks and nuns, known as the Saffron Revolution. Inner and outer liberation is the birthright of all human beings. May all people be free.

50% of the author’s net proceeds from this paperback book will be donated to the Burmese people (link below). Donations will support non-violent protesters as they struggle to survive and restore their democracy after a February 2021 military coup, a tragic consequence of our own American president #45 announcing to the world (and to all aspiring dictators) that elections aren’t real and can be discarded. The book’s title is a dual reference to the evolution of my meditation practice over two decades and to the 20 years of house arrest endured by Democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma. My hope is that this book will encourage international support for Burma’s National Unity Government (NUG) made up of deposed Democratic leaders elected in 2020 including Suu Kyi who are dedicated to a federal democracy with minority rights. Note: this book is not appropriate for minors.


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